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Welcome to the Chronicles of Man! The idea for this book series started out as a collection of disconnected short stories, all set in the same ‘universe’. This idea worked since each story would help move the timeline along by separating them by years, sometimes decades or event centuries. I always planned it as three books comprised of approximately ten to fifteen short stories each. In fact, the outlines were completed for over 48 short stories, the first of which was “Discovery”. But once I actually wrote that story, I realized that I wanted to continue the story line established in it. So I changed gears and began outlining new stories that would follow “Discovery” directly. As the stories evolve, they will follow a broader story arc and while the timeline may not move ahead in large jumps, I’m confident that you will enjoy the tales I present you and will keep coming back to read more!

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Chronicles of Man: The First Age


The first book in the First Age series, Discovery brings you in the Chronicles of Man universe. As the title suggests, the story is about a discovery; one so profound it promises to change the course of human history. [ viagra online cod | viagra prescription drug | safe for females to use viagra | […]

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NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON! The second book in the Series, Stratagem picks up about six months after the ending of Discovery. [ vipps pharmacy | female ingestion viagra | buying generic cialis | indian sildenafil citrate | sildenafil citrate omnigen | what is better viagra or levitra | viagra directions | zip viagra | cialis […]

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